Areas of Activity

ARUDMO develops and implements sustainable development initiatives in the following areas:

  • Economic Empowerment including development of information technology (IT) centers, agricultural projects and microfinance lending programs that encourage entrepreneurship.

  • Political Empowerment including referrals to local NGOs working with women, youth and rural communities to encourage civic engagement.

  • Personal Empowerment including health projects that encourage individuals to protect themselves against diseases.
  • Strategies and Tactics

    1. ARUDMO program activities are centered around education, training and the provision of resources to ensure sustainability.

    2. 2. ARUDMO utilizes international volunteers who can enrich projects through their diverse expertise, perspectives and life experiences, while also providing a source of voluntary labor and income to support general operating expenses.

    3. ARUDMO's projects are community-driven and developed in response to needs and requests from local leaders and NGO's.

    Project Characteristics

    ARUDMO projects meet the following criteria.

  • Designed to be sustainable with long-term benefits that do not rely on outside involvement and can be managed by the community.

  • Accessible to all community members, especially those who have limited resources.

  • Identified by the community and needs-driven.