Sponsor a Project

To make a financial donation, click the PayPal link on the right. Donations can also be made using Western Union and other wire transfer services. For more information or a list of current project that need sponsors and partners, please email sponsors@arudmo.org

Donate a Laptop or Other Equipment

ARUDMO is in urgent need of laptop computers, cameras, phones and other equipment. These electronics are often very expensive to purchase in Africa but are critically important for our ongoing operations. We appreciate new and used equipment in any condition. Every donation is greatly appreciated. You can send packages to ARUDMO, P. O. Box 2096, Osu - Accra, Ghana. For more information on current project needs, please email info@arudmo.org


Volunteers provide a source of expertise and labor for ARUDMO projects. Volunteers must apply for placement and commit to work for a period of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Volunteers donate their time and expertise based on a reciprocal system of exchange.

In addition, volunteers are responsible for lodging, food and expenses related to their work with ARUDMO. These costs generally amount to $600-$1,000 month. For more information, please email volunteers@arudmo.org

Become a Local Representative

ARUDMO is led by a volunteer network of community and national level representatives who are familiar with local needs and opportunities.

  • Community representatives advocate for new initiatives in the communities assessing needs and opportunities. They are also responsible to monitoring and evaluation of project activities and results.

  • Country representatives coordinate ARUDMO's activities with a particular country, providing connections to local NGO's, conducting meetings with community representatives to determine needs, opportunities and areas of priority, and overseeing project implementations.
  • For more information about how you can apply to be a community or country representative, please email community@arudmo.org